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The Private Journal of Captain G.H. Richards by Linda Dorricott

The Private Journal of Captain G.H. Richards by Linda Dorricott

Author:Linda Dorricott
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Ronsdale Press
Published: 2012-05-16T04:00:00+00:00


OCTOBER 28, MONDAY. The wind moderated at 7 am and at 9 we weighed and proceeded on our way. Found a fresh NW wind outside & a swell which impeded our progress and caused us to roll about considerably — breeze died at night and in middle watch came up from southd with a falling glass.

OCTOBER 29, TUESDAY. Wind veered all day between SE and SW, misty and rainy. Baro 29. Got under sail, steam on 5th grade & throttled going 7 kts. At 8 PM the wind veered suddenly to NW. Took us aback furled everything opened the throttle & burned 16 cwt the hour, we had been burning 13 cwt. Soon after it veered to West and we set for and aft sails. With this change of wind a heavy westerly swell seemed to get up suddenly. We had just rounded C Mendocino which is the turning point where a change is generally met with of some kind, it has probably been blowing heavily all along the coast. We got the end of the gale off Pt Reyes and met the end of it again here off Mendocino.

OCTOBER 30, WEDNESDAY. Very little wind and a heavy rolling westerly swell all night. This morning it freshened again from SSE and by noon we were under all sail and burning 16 cwt the hour going 7 & 71⁄2 knots on 5th grade. Barometer 30.10. At 8 PM Baro, 30.00. Wind freshened from SSE during night.

OCTOBER 31, THURSDAY. Running under square sails forward and boom mainsail with peak chopped (it should have been down), squally with rain. Going 9 kt, wind shifting from one qr [1⁄4] to the other. Boom jibed carried away iron stanchions and nearly lost a boat. In 2d reefs [illegible] boom; Mainsail split. Set topsail — in 2d Reefs of F topl. Wind moderated at 10 am. Made all sail. Wind gradually hauled to SW — west and at 4 PM northd of west. Close hauled. Wind steady all night at WdN.

NOVEMBER 1, FRIDAY. 6 am saw Cape Flattery, the Lt just visible from paddle box 20 miles off. 8.30 passed Lt Hs and steered into the Strait. New moon today, consequently hw at C. Flattery at noon carried the flood up to Race Rock which we rounded at 2 PM — about slack water by stream but tide fallen 3 feet by the rocks. Shewing flood stream was 2 hours after HW. Anchd and moored at Esquimalt at 4 PM. Topaze here and 2 Gunboats.

Lt Robson, Comdr Forward Gunboat, died on Tuesday morning 5th Novr from a fall from a horse, having dislocated his spine.24 We remained at Esquimalt until Monday morning the 11th, provisioning & giving the crew leave, the weather during our stay unfavourable & windy. On the 3d a strong SW gale with much rain. On Sunday 10th Baro fell to 28.60. Heavy rain all day. Sunday night 29.40, but no appearance of a gale. It rained very hard and the temperature fell during the night to 38o — snow fell on the near hills.


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