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Advances in Silicon Solar Cells by Shadia Ikhmayies

Advances in Silicon Solar Cells by Shadia Ikhmayies

Author:Shadia Ikhmayies
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Cham

5 Conclusions

In this chapter, it is shown that advanced thin-film Si PV cells not only provide a viable solution for large scale solar energy utilization but also foreshadow a promising future in healthcare applications. Some of the recent progress about advanced thin-film Si solar cells is overviewed, with specific foci on their flexible, stretchable, and biodegradable formats and the associated fabrication schemes. These advanced cell technologies envision new possibilities in broad biomedical applications for wearable and implantable systems. In the future, fundamental research efforts will likely focus on the developments of high-yield and cost-effective approaches to make high-efficiency thin-film c-Si cells that reach thermodynamic efficiency limits for Si cells (one sun efficiency ~ 25%) [32]. Contacting and substrate materials that provide mechanical flexibility and/or biocompatibility are also to be explored, combined with advanced mechanical design strategies. Furthermore, advanced integration schemes need to be investigated to interconnect the thin-film Si PV cells with other electronic components and circuits, like batteries, antennas, transistors, and various sensors, to form a fully functional biomedical device system for sensing, diagnosis, and therapy.


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